About Us

Tophill Piao Cai Industries [H.K.] Limited

In order to achieve the goal of environmental protection,we,TPC, offer high-quality products to our customers by using high quality raw materials. No doubt, our products obtained the international recognition certificate of "Oeko-Tex" will give you sufficient confidence that our products is one of your best choice,we proud of it.

We have adopted new production lines to produce our self-development products such as TPU,Electroplate, Thermo,Inflammable Resistant etc., which are common used in all kind of fashionable clothes and a business model which aims to provide a comprehensive range of our products to our esteemed customers like you at competitive prices.

The usage of TPC's products are flexible and suitable for all kind of materials such as metal, plastic,glass, ceramic and clothes etc. Under quality assurance, flexible usage, punctual delivery and competitive prices, we believed that "TPC" is your right choice.



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